Batteries comparison for GoPro Hero3


Chinese guys produce batteries for GoPro cameras. These batteries are much cheaper, but experience has shown that they can be not of a good quality. Claimed mAh capacity is very far from reality. Some of the are closer.

Tests were done using GoPro Hero3 Black Edition camera, not a "plus" version. All batteries have been charged using wall charger. Shooting mode 1080p @ 30 fps, no WiFi, no Protune, in other words the most common mode. Then I've inserted charged battery, turned the camera, started recording and waited until GoPro turns off.

First measurements were done at home temperature of about 20C. The second time I took the freezer -18C. Camera and the batteries were placed in the fridge for about one hour in advance to cool down. 

Make GoPro AHDBT-201 Telesin Miniisw Noname
Price $19.99 $8.58 $9.68 $5.85
Capacity 1050 mAh 1300 mAh 1050 mAh 1600 mAh

Home temperature 20C
Time, seconds 5668 5332 5010 5353
Time, h:m:s 1:34:28  1:28:51 1:23:30  1:29:13 
Comparing to original n/a   94% 88%   94%

Freezer -18C
Time, seconds 4793 4576 4270 20 
Time, h:m:s 1:19:53  1:16:16 1:11:10 0:0:20 
Comparing to the original 
in the cold
 n/a  95% 89% 0% 
Comparing to room
85% 86% 85% 0%

Conclusion, the more it is written, the less they faith. Remember Chinese Boomboxes with 200W speakers?

We must understand that the cold batteries loose their capcity. At -10C on the street I turned to shoot a maximum of an hour on the original battery. Warm Noname batteries not so bad, but they lasted in the cold for 15-20 minutes, even if I kept them close to the body before inserting into the camera. On test at -18 it had lasted for unimaginably long 20 seconds.

Batteries for GoPro Hero3 and Hero3+ and are the same size. Although labeled differently AHDBT-201 and AHDBT-301, respectively. Original Battery for Hero3+ is slightly greater capacity.

Noname battery is as cheap as bad. Also a poor capacity, and they are different in size size, are hanging in the camera's battery slot. I did not notice that at first, and went up the slope, on the first bump camera turned off. It turned out that the battery just lost contact with camera. Solved the problem by gluing the insulation tape on the battery.

The general conclusion. You should not buy too cheap batteries. Telesin and Miniisw in general are OK. You lose 10-15% in capacity and win 2 times in price compared with original GoPro battery.

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