Voile tight slider tracks

After purchasing Voile Split Kit I was confused about how tight the slider tracks are. To put slider on the splitboard took significant effort. And to pull the binding back off the pucks I had to pull it with two hands while pushing my splitboard with the legs. That's a complete nonsense to do this in the snow up in the mountains every time you want to ride. Then I've watched several videos with other Voile setups and talked to other split kit owners. The bindings like Spark or SP just slide in on pucks without any effort.

So what's the problem? At first my big suspicion was the bending of a slider track when I tighten the bolts on the binding. Yes, the bending is noticeable, but not the main reason. I've examined the pucks and they had a lot of scratches. And then when I've looked on the edge of a slider I've found that the quality of it is very bad. I do not know how Voile cut them but they have a very raw edge with lot's of craters and pits. It seems like it was just cuted to the half and then bended and broken, like you break a chocolate plate. You can really feel it with your finger.

How to fix? Very easy. Take a file with the smaller teeth. Or maybe you even can use your snowboard edge sharpener. You just need to polish the edge a bit. Around 10 hard moves was enough for me. Be careful, don't take too much off. Check how the puck goes in. The tracks and aluminium and you may take off to much easily.

On the photo you see the end result. The are visible deep pits which are still black. But overall the edge is much smoother. And after adding silicone grease the slider tracks are sliding in flawless without any significant effort.

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